Trinity Choir Voices

 All Hail to JESUS

Organized body of singers performing full part choral works or oratorios is  called a "Choir". Our Choir is comprised of "four parts" namely Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. It has selective and fully trained voices to produce a "Harmony".

Our Choir Members have involved in many Church activities like Youth and Teens meeting, Perform Bibilical plays, Participating in Gospel meetings, Performing live concerts, Voice and Visual Recordings, Festival Time Television Broadcasts, Members in Church Committee and Offline Voice Training Camps.

Our early Choir formation was setup by (Late)Mr.Jallraj in 1986, Who was also a "Cross Bearer". He was then accompanied by Mr.Ephraim who took the responsibility as the "Church Organist" as well as the "Choir Master". 

It was then the Unique entry of  "The Man Of Power", Mr.Ravindran Azariah who transformed the Choir strength from 20 to 60. Not only the Member strength increased but also the Voice strength and its Quality improved drastically. 

The Choir has continuously gained momentum from its Birth and recently it has shown its sudden Peak in Quality by the strenuous effort from former "Choir Master" (late)Mr.Ravindran Azariah followed by Mr. Joseph Armstrong and then by Mr.Babu Gunaseelan, who is currently leading the Holy March of the Trinity Choir Voices in our Church.

Oh.... Is someone missed..! Our Organist Mr.Mark Judah, who plays the important role in our Choir Family. He guides us with music accompaniment throughout the order of service in our Church. The "Play Maker" gives the Main Play its Liveliness.

There has always been an expectation among the people that Our Choir will become the "Best Choir Of South India", we bet to achieve it in the course of time.

Trinity Choir Voices 2012

For the First time the Trinity Choir Voices include Female Parts. Thank God for making this effort a successful one..

Including Female Voices